It's not just about the numbers, World needs more storytellers. 


Timeline Publishers is a publishing start up founded by three desirous social

media friends who grappled fresh thoughts of doing something old fashioned.

They travelled together, shared new ideas, discussed and pattered of everything

came across. Someday of May 2016 they mutually bump into a coequal concept.

Rest everything was rapid and 25th of June 2016 endorsed the launch of a youthful


Timeline Publishers is a humble endeavor from our part to kindle the lamp of artistic and literary creations. Here we heartily spread before you a dais of magical letters, words and phrases for showcasing your varied thoughts and scribbling. Timeline Publishers, with their assorted bunch of publishing custom promise to put in their

maximum to tap the creative potential of the youth and boost their flair of writing. Though not to mark of perfection, we hope the outpourings of these amateur souls are a source of pleasure and inspiration to all.



Timeline Publishers offers the author a contract and in turn, prints, publishes and sells your book through booksellers and rest of our retailers both online and offline. We essentially buys the right to publish your book and pays you royalties from the sales. 


There are a variety of different publishing models, including self- publishing. Self-publishing requires the author to invest their own money to produce, market and distribute the book. While this can be a huge time commitment, the process can be more cost-effective and the author receives full profit out of the sales.


Whether you are considering an e-book distribution or want to do retail market distribution ranging from online to offline, our book distribution services will point you in the right direction. From selling your book through Amazon to any other retail stores, our channel distribution enables your book to be ordered by and distributed through all digital and non-digital platforms.



Online to Offline - Though they have enough followers online, they realized that majority of the readers still have preference for books that they can touch and feel. It is this that forced the young Malayali writers to publish a book compiling the best stories from their group.”