Publishing consulting that suit your



With zero indifference, Timeline Publishers traditional publishing contract is the same way books have been published for decades. The publishing contract means that the author is selling their work to Timeline Publishers. We then creates a book product out of the manuscript.


TLP offers the author a contract and in turn, prints, publishes and sells your book through booksellers and rest of our retailers both online and offline. We essentially buys the right to publish your book and pays you royalties from the sales. 


There are a variety of different publishing models, including self- publishing. Self-publishing requires the author to invest their own money to produce, market and distribute the book. While this can be a huge time commitment, the process can be more cost-effective and the author receives full profit out of the sales.


Our experienced team of print managers and designers work closely with you from concept to print to provide you with materials that meets your business and budgets requirements perfectly. We are fully equipped to design and print materials for businesses of all sizes. Together with our combination of experience and knowledge of the latest printing techniques, we are able to provide you with material designing and print solutions that will be perfect for your business.


Whether you are considering an e-book distribution or want to do retail market distribution ranging from online to offline, our book distribution services will point you in the right direction. From selling your book through Amazon to any other retail stores, our channel distribution enables your book to be ordered by and distributed through all digital and non-digital platforms.